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I'm an Android Developer, Automation Engineer, UI/UX Designer

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I am Francisco Segovia, Android Developer and Automation Engineer from Mexico City. I have experience creating Android Apps from UI/UX to Programming. I have also created automation testing suites in Kotlin & Java

I'm passionate about creating apps that impact in a positive way daily lives

Android Development


UI/UX design




Web Front End





August 2015 - June 2020

Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Studied at Tecnologico de Monterrey (ITESM)

June 2020 - Feb 2021

Android Developer At Omnitracs

Android development in Java and C++ using NDK. Custom Android OS. Responsible for System State Machine and Version Upgrader.

October 2020 - May 2021

Android Freelance

Worked on a scanner application for Avon. Used Kotlin, MVVM and Retrofit

July 2021 - February 2022

Web And Mobile Automation at Cognizant

Mobile and Web automation using Selenium Java. CI/CD with Jenkins. Api Testing using Postman and versioning with GIT

February 2022 - Present

QA Automation Engineer at IHG (Cognizant Consultant), Mexico City

Responsible of creating test scripts to automate Web Applications. Automation using Selenium in Java and Kotlin. API testing using Rest Assured and Postman and IVR Automation using Cyara. Versioning using GIT.



Released on May 2021

KoLearn is a free app to learn Korean. I have worked for this project since February 2019 (at the time the app was 'Baeuran').

Worked on UI/UX, Logo design, Programming and Publishing.


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Technologies Used

Kotlin (Language)

MVVM (Architecture)

  • Used with data binding, coroutines and flows.

Firebase (Backend)

  • Firestore, Storage, Analytics, Crashlytics and Security Rules

Machine Learning (Korean Recognition)

  • ML Kit - Digital Ink Recognition

Room (Local DB Abstraction Layer)

  • Used utilizing Daos, Repositories.
  • Used Coroutines and Flows
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Expense Tracker

Released on January 2023

Expense Tracker is a free app to organize and keep track of your expenses. Currently on beta version. I made this app more to test 'Jetpack Compose', but at the same time I had in mind something useful and presentable for the public.

Technologies Used

Kotlin (Language)

Jetpack Compose (For UI)

  • All UI is created with Jetpack compose and Material Design 2.

MVVM (Architecture)

  • Used with coroutines, stateflows and flows.

Hilt (Dependency Injection)

Room (Local DB Abstraction Layer)

  • Used utilizing Daos, Repositories.
  • Used Coroutines and Flows

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Other Projects

2017 - 2019

I have worked on other projects. Barcode scanner with backend calls (using retrofit). This was for a freelance work.

Language learning apps using flashcards (previous to KoLearn) which are now unpublished (Baueran and Learnion)

Technologies Used

Kotlin and Java

Retrofit (Http Calls)

  • Using suspend functions and Model objects to map data.

MVVM & MVC (Architecture)

  • Used with coroutines.

Room (Local DB Abstraction Layer)

  • Used utilizing Daos, Repositories.

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